2016 Chevy Malibu

This is the greatest invention in a vehicle.  Years ago working the field for an oilfield company, they put what we called a “tattle tale” in the truck.  It could tell things like how fast you accelerated, sudden stops and times driven over 70 mph.  At the end of the month you hooked it up to the boss’s computer and it graded you.  Too many of the above mentioned triggers on the report and you could get the ax.


I remembered thinking back then, I hope there is technology like this when my kids get old enough to drive.  Even if you aren’t a helicopter parent, it would just be reckless to send a teenager out onto the streets today without having some idea what is going on.  Well it wasn’t here when my oldest hit the roads but now that we have the Chevy Malibu paving the way, I know it will be here for my boy.

“Teen driver can deliver a report card of various elements of a drive,” said Fred Ligouri, GM Communications, East Region.  And you thought report cards were just a ‘school thing’? Well, not in the new Malibu. Virtually every move you make in the car is recorded and passed on to mom and dad: how fast you go, when you stop too hard, when stability control is engaged, or when the collision alert sounds.

Oh, it also tracks your distance.  “If there is a claim that I went down the street and came back and there is a couple hundred miles on the car, you know that’s not the case,” Ligouri said.


Come let your teen test drive one at Westside Chevrolet 23001 Katy Freeway Katy, TX or give us a call at 281-392-3200 today!

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