Straight Performance

If you have gone to Chevy’s website looking for the SS, you might have missed it.  One would think you would need to look under cars or sedans.  You would be wrong.  You will find it in the performance section along with the Camaro and Corvette.  And why not?


Just get behind the wheel, press the start button, and hear that big V8 roar to life before settling into its growly idle. The manual transmission feels just right here, the gear spacing is spot-on for this engine, and about the only downside is the abrupt engagement on the heavily sprung clutch. It’s a little too easy and cliché to say that the addition of the manual transmission “makes” the car, but compared to the standard 6-speed automatic…yeah, it totally does.

Chevy is clearly committed to the SS, and the 6-speed manual joins last year’s addition of Magnetic Ride Control in the list of improvements. The Drive Mode knob cycles between Tour, Sport and Performance, with the mode indicated in comically tiny print in the info display between the gauges. “Tour” mode tells the MRC to relax the shocks, letting the SS sail over bumps and ridges. “Sport” and “Performance” modes progressively stiffen the suspension, give the stability control a more casual attitude, and open up the exhaust to the point that when in Performance it pops and snaps on overruns in a way we associate with Corvettes and Camaros. A 4,000-pound sport sedan needs good brakes, and this has them: big Brembos with bright red calipers that haul it to a stop quickly and easily.
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